We offer Red Light facials as our secondary business offering. The Red Light reduces the fat and increases and strengthens collagen.

We have not promoted our facials as much as we have our body sculpting treatments but they have become a word of mouth sensation.

The Red Light facial procedure is remarkably easy. The client stays fully dressed and lays down on our treatment table rated to hold 1,000 lbs. The UltraSlim Red Light has 150 LED lights and this light is placed a few inches away from the skin on one side of the face. This light also treats the neck.

The treatment is 20 minutes on one side of the face and 20 minutes on the other side of the face for a total of 40 minutes per treatment.

We also offer an advanced facial that lasts an additional 20 minutes that focuses the light for a red light therapy treatment on the area under the chin to tighten this area. Everyone who has tried this neck treatment has achieved remarkable results with multiple treatments.

You should know that the deeper the wrinkle and the more sun damaged the skin the more treatments it takes to see results. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to “get on in the years” or have become significantly overweight will need to have the realistic expectation that it will take a number of months to achieve the results we’d like to see. Red light therapy works but it’s certainly not going to give the results it’s famous for in a short period of time.

All of our staff has been specifically trained on both fat loss and facial procedures. 

When you see Hollywood stars that are older and look a lot less than their age because their skin looks nearly flawless you need to keep in mind that there were so many red light therapy customers in that part of California that UltraSlim set up a separate corporate office in Beverly Hills. They also have set up offices in several European countries. UltraSlim has been so busy lately with orders from existing and new providers they just constructed an addition to their manufacturing facility in FL.

UltraSlim has really taken off in California and New York and we are proud to bring the ability to get these amazing red light treatments to Charlottesville and central Virginia. There are UltraSlim providers in D.C., Roanoke, and the beach area but we are the only one in this area. Other offices offer red light treatments but they are using older equipment that doesn’t have the power or the right wavelength of light to produce the strength of the results we are offering.

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