Frequently Asked Questions

In layman’s terms, how does the red light work?
Our UltraSlim technology uses photobiomodulation as the mechanism of action to effect natural cellular response in the skin and fat, thereby reducing the amount of fat and improving the skin’s appearance. The red LED light enters the fat cell and causes it to quickly release fat over the next 24-36 hours. It does not kill the cell which greatly reduces the side effects, unlike other treatments like CoolSculpting.

It’s good to remember that our red lights are LEDs and just as safe as the LED lights used everywhere. What is different is the exact wavelength of our red light and the fact that there are 150 LED lights used in treatment.

Is there any pain or discomfort? Any side effects?
No! UltraSlim® has no pain, no discomfort, and no downtime. There are also no side effects noted by the FDA in the study they approved.

The FDA says that the side effects of CoolSculpting are: “Pain (including long term); umbilical hernia; gaining fat; enlargement of fat; stretch marks; prolapsed bladder, uterus, and rectum; paradoxical adipose hyperplasia; inflammatory colonitis; and deep vein thrombosis.”

The FDA says the side effects of SculpSure are: “Pain (including long term), laser burns, nodule formation, blistering, scars, swelling, fever, abscess, tenderness, and cellulitis.”

Are there any contraindications to using light therapy?
The device is intended for generally healthy individuals over the age of 18. Contraindications are pregnancy, trying to become pregnant, active cancer within the past year, light sensitivity caused by certain medications such as tetracycline, and diminished ability to void waste (liver or kidney problems). Almost all others including diabetics can benefit from red light therapy. It’s important to remember that UltraSlim’s lights are LEDs and have the same risk profile as the LED lights used in other situations.
What should I expect during the treatment?

It’s slightly warm and very pleasant. The light is positioned over your body several inches away. It never touches you. Many clients fall asleep during facial treatments.

When you do a fat loss treatment, you will get 8 minute treatments in 4 locations: the front of the abdomen, the lower back, and on the left and right side of the abdomen. Then you’ll have a fifth 8 minute treatment you can have wherever you want.

How long does the weight loss last?

Other UltraSlim providers have said that generally people will keep off about 90% of the weight they have lost 1 year after treatments. They say that many people will come in to have an additional treatment(s) in 6 months or a year to maintain their weight loss achieved in their initial round of treatments. 

The weight loss kept off varies by individual and their healthy habits after the weight loss. We have seen a lot of clients lose a significant amount of weight and then become motivated to start and continue to live a healthier lifestyle which helps keep the weight off.

How long does it take to do a fat loss treatment?
The fat loss treatment is a 40-minute treatment consisting of five (5) 8-minute rounds. You’ll receive a treatment on all 4 sides of the abdomen. This includes the front near the waist, lower back, the left side of the abdomen, the right side of the abdomen.

You’ll also receive 1 extra 8 minute treatment you can use wherever you want. Some clients opt for another treatment in the belly area, some do a treatment on their upper arms, and some choose to treat their neck fat/double chin area. Where would you choose?


How long does it take to do a facial?
The facial treatment is a 40-minute treatment consisting of two 20-minute rounds on each side of the face.

Some people opt for a third 20 minute treatment (that costs 50% more than a regular treatment which is the same price per minute) to treat their neck fat/double chin. This is popular because there are few treatments that work so well on this area. We have many clients who are thrilled with their results from this extra treatment. This extra treatment takes 20 minutes longer than our regular facial.

We have women who say that the significant results from these facials make them look years younger. If you’d like to look 5-10 years younger with a lot less wrinkles and a healthier glow in your skin you really should try a round of facial treatments. Just like the fat loss treatments we recommend a series of 6 facials to really see an improved result. One client had 12 facial treatments and all her friends asked what she had done to look 10 years younger.

The facial and the fat treatment are the same price. Clients can use the sessions they buy for one fat loss treatment or a facial.

Can you do a specialized treatment for me?
We are happy to focus on any parts of the body that you want to see tightened or sculpted such as the upper and lower arms, under the chin, hips, butt, calves, fat that shows up just below the bra, and anywhere else you want to see some improvement in your figure.

That being said, we are specialists in reducing the abdominal fat so many of us have.

We do not do treatments on women’s breasts.

Can I do more than 1 facial a week?
You can do a facial treatment as often as you’d like. Many do 2 a week to achieve maximum results. We have many clients that have raved about the change in their face with some reporting that their friends say their face looks 5-10 years younger and has less wrinkles.

We love doing facials for brides and those of us attending class or family reunions who want to look their best.

What do I need to wear?

For the weight loss treatment, clients will be asked to remove their shirt/blouse and pants/dress and just wear their undergarments. The facial treatment does not require a person to remove any of their clothes.

We are strong believers in modesty and recommend clients to wear whatever is the most comfortable for them. Even though it isn’t necessary we offer a special wrap to help cover you at no cost. If a client prefers to wear a blouse/sweatshirt to cover their top and leave their abdomen exposed that is entirely fine. Clients can wear a bathing suit bottom if they are more comfortable with that but need to know they won’t have quite the same fat loss effect.

We have male and female red light technicians. You may choose who you wish to give you your treatment when you make your appointment.

How can I get the best results?

To optimize results, we recommend the following to ensure that the body of the client is given every chance to process liberated fat:

  • Taking nutritional supplements such as Niacin (non-flush) and Milk Thistle. These aid in the natural detoxification process. If you have health problems or take medications, always check with a pharmacist or doctor before taking any nutritional supplements.
  • Hydration is also key to optimal cellular function and critical to the success of this procedure. We recommend a person should drink as much water as they can each day. We also recommend cutting out or decreasing alcohol since it limits your liver function which makes it harder to process the liberated fat. People who take a break from alcohol consumption during their treatments have a greater result.
  • The fatty material released by the fact cells will be processed by the liver and excreted through breathing and in the bathroom. It is important to help promote lymphatic system mobilization. For that purpose, we offer a whole-body vibration therapy treatment right after your treatment to achieve significant lymphatic stimulation which helps remove more fat.
  • We recommend clients get a whole-body vibration therapy on the day of the light treatment and the next day. There is no charge for any whole-body vibration therapy. Other centers that offer UltraSlim have reported that their clients using the whole-body vibration machine have an increased fat loss. A client may get up to 3 whole-body vibration treatments for each paid treatment at no extra cost.
  • It’s important to know that fat is where most of the pesticides and other harmful toxins are stored. By eliminating the fat your body will go through a body detox to process and eliminate all this “garbage”. This is why we try to encourage people to abstain from alcohol and drink as much water as they can so the liver can have the most support to detoxify and eliminate these toxins.
Where can I get the herbal supplements?

You can find them at any Kroger pharmacy, other pharmacy, and natural food store. 

What is the cost?
Your first visit is only $149 and following visits are that price when purchasing a package deal or even less with a larger package. Come by or call to find out more.
Where can I see an UltraSlim body sculpting procedure?
We have a video on this website. You can also visit to learn more about the UltraSlim machine and see how it works.

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