Weight Loss

Our Red Light Therapy has a specific wavelength of red light. It penetrates into the cell and convinces the nucleus to send messages which cause the cell membrane to open its pores and discharge fat. This fat is immediately released and continues to be released over the next 24-36 hours.

The fat is discharged into the lymphatic system and is metabolized by the liver and excreted in either the bathroom or in the breath exhaled by the lungs.

We measure men in five places in their midsection and women in 6 places. There is such a strong fat release that we can measure the reduction in your waist in one 40 minute session. Many people find this hard to believe but it happens every day.

It’s hard for many people to believe but each person coming in has lost a considerable amount in their measurements. Everyone has a positive response and many people have a dramatic difference of 1.5″ or more in their collective measurements.

We guarantee that the package prices below are the lowest prices we will offer this year. These prices are good until December 1. We reserve the right to increase our prices after that date.

Any treatments purchased as part of a package deal before December will be at the prices in the treatment package even if the treatments are given any time in the next 12 months.

Ultra Slim Single Treatments - First treatment is $149

Body sculpting and facial treatments are the same price

Package A :
8 treatments at $149 each for $1,192

Package B :
13 treatments at $139 each for $1,807

Package C :
20 treatments for $129 each for $2,580

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